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Cleas Crafts recreate traditional Aran boats known as currach/ coracles/ curragh in model sizes 12” (30cm);   16” (40cm) and 22” (55cm) in our Inis Oírr premises where they are also sold.  They can also be ordered by emailing or from our online store here.



Multi-coloured criosanna, handfasting cords and wrist bands are woven on a traditional loom on our premises in Inis Oírr where they can be viewed and bought. They can also be ordered by emailing or from our online store here.    

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Local Crafts

We are proud to sell products and crafts from the hands of many Inis Oírr islanders. It is with the support of these local craft makers that we ensure we stock only Inis Oírr products. Available to buy from our outlet or ordered by emailing


Sea vegetables & Bathing Seaweed

We source all seaweed products from the seashore of Inis Oírr including Carraigín Moss, Sea Spaghetti, Duileasc & Nori. To order any of our seaweeds email

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Other Products

In our spare time we enjoy creating once off Inis Oírr themed  novelty items (souvenirs), depending on the mood of the season.  They can be bought in our Cleas Crafts shop  by emailing


Willow Products

We produce a wide range of willow items from our Inis Oírr grown sally rods including pocket size crosses, small bread baskets,  cradles, creels and everything in between and these are available in our  Cleas store.

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