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 Inis Oírr Currach

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The original currach was made about 9,000 years ago as a sea going vessel. Initially it was a skin boat made by sewing skins together and stretching them across a framework of willow or similar type material. Over the course of the centuries various adaptations were made until finally skins were replaced by tarred canvas and timber laths used instead of willow.

Propelled by rowing with two oars each, a currach generally had a three man crew, although two man, four man and five man currachs were also made. Currachs hoisted small sails on occasion. Currachs were used for fishing, carrying passengers and all types of cargo including animals. Nowadays fibreglass is beginning to replace the previous tarred waterproof coating.

Cleas Inis Oírr make model currachs which come in 3 sizes:   55.8cm;  40.64cm;    30.48cm. They all carry 6 removable oars and are handcrafted in our workshop. They can be viewed and purchased from Cleas Crafts Shop, Unit 1, Áras Éanna Building, Inis Oírr, open Mon-Fri. 9.00am - 5.30 pm

Currachs can be ordered online here.   

Model Currach
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